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Fondazione Cariello Corbino 

The Fondazione Cariello Corbino is an Italian no profit organization, founded in 2017 in loving memory of Silvana Cariello (married Corbino). Its purpose is to spread the values of love and solidarity that she preached and practiced through all her life. The Foundation also aims to remember the figure and the works of the notary Luigi Cariello, the economist and father of the Italian constitutional chart Epicarmo Corbino and the scientist and politician Orso Mario Corbino.

The philosophy of the Foundation Cariello Corbino is summarized in the logo Earth – Heart, that constitutes its pillars: on one hand the Heart, symbol of pure charity projects to improve the fate of the less fortunate, returning prospects and quality to their lives. While the Earth symbolizes the wider context in which the Foundation moves: sustainable development, the future of humanity and our planet, the economic and social relationships between human beings and the environment around them.

Main projects of the Foundation Cariello Corbino are:

Les Gazelles de Silvana, in Rugari, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
It is an orphanage for 65 children built in North Kivu, an area that is classified by the United Nations among the four more at risk on the planet. The orphanage is a modern 400 square metres structure, with dormitories, school, guest house, first aid infirmary, labs area and an outdoor area to grow vegetables and to breed livestock.

Ronin Club, Naples, Italy
The Foundation helps the teacher Karen Torre, European Champion of karate, to pay expenses for the Karate and Chanbara School “Ronin Club” she founded in 2012 in the Spanish Neighborhood of Naples, creating an oasis for 90 pupils, keeping them away from the most dangerous streets of the city, driving them to amazing results as now they are European and World Champions.

The Cariello Corbino Foundation and Events in Naples cooperate in designing and organizating initiatives for cultural and social purposes.

Esplora Napoli

“Esplora Napoli” is an inbound individual company, which provides special interest tours in Naples. The project was born in 2018 after a 25 years experience in tourism. Located in Naples, where a large support team contributes to its work: CTC, certified guides, sustainable tourism experts, art historians, Neapolitan music history experts, chefs (from UCMed, The  Mediterranean Institute of culinary arts), artists, architects and craftsmen.

Esplora Napoli is skilled in off the beaten paths, experiential paths in Naples linked to art, architecture, history, food, music and Neapolitan traditions.

The creative and multilingual team has a deep knowledge of the destination and the products and can satisfy the most demanding customers, designing tailor-made journeys, developed over a few hours as on several days, to discover the most unusual aspects of the city.

Esplora Napoli and Events in Naples collaborate by designing original experiential paths and promoting and selling their services.

Utòpia comunicazione

Born in 2003, Utòpia Comunicazione is a corporate communication studio. Specialized in design and advertising graphics, multimedia creations, strategic planning, market analysis, business training, design coordinated planning, advertising campaigns planning, website design, political-institutional communication, trademark registration.

It supports Events in Naples in the definition of the brand identity, and in communicating and promoting the company services.

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