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Naples: the Smart City

Naples: the Smart City

There is another city hidden in the old Naples of the classic monuments. It is a city full of contemporary architectures and buildings: the Centro direzionale, the underground museum of the Metro stations, the futuristic City of Science complex, the Apple Developer Academy, the Zaha Hadid’s train station.

Contemporaneity can also be felt in the architectural innovations and in the refined interior design of private residences, offices, studios of artists and professionals.

Guided by an expert in the history of architecture, our guests in Smart City will be driven in an exciting and unexpected journey into the city’s rich contemporary architectural heritage, which also includes buildings and houses usually closed off to the public.

In these places is taking shape the surprising new identity of the city, designing the Naples of the future

Duration approx 4 hours
Languages En; Fr, De, Ru, Ja, Ch on request
Guide expert in history of architecture
Frequency Mon-Fri  09.30am
Private service min 5 up to 20
Reservation compulsory min 10 days in advance
Transfers available on request