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Mafia Vs Development

Mafia Vs Development


Some say that, for its economic development, the South of Italy could just rely on tourism!  Warm weather, beautiful landscapes, thousands of years of history engraved in monuments and architecture which display a unique rich cultural diversity, genuine food based on local productions and traditions. It definitively sounds like heaven on earth for tourists and for the natives, and it could be:

Naples, the Phlegrean fields, the area between Napoli and Caserta definitively prove so.

Unfortunately also very powerful mafia organizations had the same idea a few centuries ago, and, in spite of being just a negligible minority, they have become stronger since then, in the South and in the rest of the nation as well.

In the last 20 years, antimafia organizations are fighting back, flanked by honest and innovative entrepreneurs who want to live according to sustainable development principles.

This tour in Caserta province, will lead you to:

– see how buffalo mozzarella is produced and taste it real fresh!

– talk to those who chose to work and resist, on Mafia confiscated assets

– walk and have lunch with typical products in a organic buffalo farm

– listen and discuss with an expert about Italian mafias (lecture by Events in Naples experts).

Duration approx 6 hours
Language En
Other languages Fr, De, Ru, Ja, Ch on rq
Guide lecturer in criminology
Mozzarella & ricotta tasting
Lunch at Organic Farm –  wine&explanation included
Frequency Mon- Thu  07.30am
Private service up to 25
Reservation compulsory min 10 days in advance
P/u D/o Napoli
Children up 12 yrs NOT accepted