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NeapoliTales is a project born from the love for the city and founded in 2017 by a group of Neapolitan professionals and academics that have a great expertise in communication, culture, training.

Our mission is to promote the unmatched cultural heritage of Naples, through evocative events that have at their core the history, the traditions, the beauty of Naples.

We design and organize captivating experiences set in exclusive locations of the city -in particular enchanting private mansions not open to the general public-, where the main characters are the amazing landscape, the art, the culture, the classical Neapolitan music, the local cuisine.

We also arrange off the beaten path and experiential paths, to discover the hidden and sometimes contradictory sides of Naples, to offer customers a complete and thought-provoking perspective on a true and multifaceted city.

Our events are always unique and amazing journeys, tell interesting stories and offer delightful surprises, to allow our guests to savor Naples in every sense and with all their senses.



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